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Nick svr:Str1ke
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Motivul:So as my graduation will be completed soon and i am going towards the life of working experience,So I have enjoyed my every experience in this server,I have grown with this server from 8 years.I will miss you all with my heart.So good luck all of you from me.Last moments ❤️
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1 hour ago, BuliNa27 said:

It was a great pleasure to have you on staff,  I expect you to come back anytime  . I wish you luck in everything you do in the future !

Don't forget us!

Thank you so much it means a lot to me by coming on the community like 2013 and to grow with you guys.I will remember all of you specially my admin team and my friends and you ofcourse.Will see in future and good luck to you from my side ❤️ I will never forget you guys. 😞❤️

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I'm also gonna miss you.... you always was a very nice person and also took care of what you had to do, if you look deep into your memories maybe you can remember the person and name DeclineD or TrendyBoyt, yeah, im that person... i hope you the best and good luck in everything you're going to do, face and fight against.

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