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Founder Name: LoSonoSantos, DragoN!X
Age: 21
Server IP:
DNS:   InFz CS1.6 Server
Game (mode):  We both are hoping from (bulina) to put their own mod in this server...ilgz moderators,owners,etc can also have their role here....
Contact: discord name - DragoN!X#8649 , LoSonoSantos#2880
Average:  5-8/32 (no boost)
Link GameTracker: https://www.gametracker.rs/server_info/
Mode: Wishing to put ilgz mod (Zombie Plague 4.3 CSO)
Slots:  32
Company: InFuzed gaming (Own VPS)


If accepted , name will be : HyPer,IllegalZone.Ro     (your suggestions needed for name)

Waiting for your kindly reply...

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