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Prezentare Major ALB

Major alb

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Name:Ludvig Goga




Occupation:job tatto 

Contact details:ludviggoga11@yahoo.com

Hobbies:Playing Counter Strike 1.6 and draw

Steam:no hav

Favorite Serial / Movie / Anime:Ezel :P

Favorite Actor:Ezeli

Favorite actress:Xheni Shehu

Favorite singer:Bebe Rexha

Favorite song:Trap city remix

Favorite drink (alcoholic / non-alcoholic):yes

What drinks you eat more often:Corona and maybe jack daniel .. vodka

Best friend / s from IlegalZone.Ro:no haw im play today first in zombie ilegalzone

How to find out about our community:mult years

A picture with you:no hav in cp

Some details about you: I hope we do not have any misunderstandings

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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