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    Help me

    Nickname:hhh you dead Contry:tunisia Problem:i do req and i habe been acepted but i still i dont have helper Prove:https://s.amsu.ng/8xNiZOcVGNQN
  2. Shut up pls only admin reply my topic moden is correct and faq too
  3. Pls shut up my model is clrrect if im faukt guve me the cirrect model And the the faq iss correct i go to reglement and it uss corect pls only admis reply my topic
  4. Pls look soo good to the model and shek yor self and faq rules corect -_-
  5. Tyy broo i hope they accepted me i have a lot time waiting but no problem...Youu too pro bro keep it good ❤❤
  6. -Nick:hhh you dead -Id contact :(gmail/fb/...):Mohanned Ghrir -Do you have steam:No -How many hours you can stay:4-5 or more -How old are you:17 -Your birthday:13/09/2001 -How many hour you play on our server (you must have 30h on game tracker):https://www.gametracker.com/player/hhh%20you%20dead/ Can you help us whit money pay or drops:No but i can help the new players on server -Are you agree to use teamspeek when playing on server :yes -FAQ RULES:"will respect the rules" Can you vote our server:10/10 the best
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