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  1. Pro,Supsend he also did when my brother was playing but he didn't knew how to take Snapshot so i couldn't post it
  2. Contra,Bad behavior + Idem Cipri
  3. Cerere Respins This is the model for helper/slot:
  4. You will not get helper Cerere respins.
  5. Pro,Advertisement on the Mihai,And on the other hand yurda you also target one player if someone kills you then you abuse knife blinks like every game is based on knife blink so both should get a warning
  6. Contra,Spam alarm on shaman and abuse knife blinks with every retry.Not suitable for helper
  7. Contra,Age minimum 16 years + He also abuses to admins so not capable for helper
  8. Pro,Hope you will not disappoint us
  9. Rejected You won't get Topic Closed
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