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  1. Contra,Nu ai orele+Nu ai activitate pe discord.
  2. I have returned from everything. Topic Closed
  3. Last time with the application you used the different nick now using different nick again
  4. Sugestii:For the hackers stopping Tipăriri (dacă este cazul):- De unde v-ați inspirat:This idea is inpired from a zombie escape server in which i see that if a hacker was speeding he gets automatic slay from the server like direct slay on the speed,And second adding bots on the server.We should add auto-detector of bots also.It will not let players to add bots so i hope you like my suggestions,I will wait for replies also Crezi că va ajuta comunitatea? Dacă da, de ce?:Yes it sure will atleast we will have control on hackers/bots adder
  5. Nick svr:Str1ke Grad:Semi-God Perioada:29/11/2020 - 06/12/2020 Motivul:I was just feeling depressed for a long time so going for some vacations for making my self good,See you all in a week
  6. Contra,You don't have the necessary hours
  7. Pro,You are active so good luck
  8. Pro,Bafta.Don't foget to visit the contest also:
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Pro,You are Active+Have a Good Behavior
  11. Contra,You don't have the necessary hours
  12. Nick :Masuran Ip : Perioada :Permanent Motiv :Speed Hack Data si ora :10/11/2020 11:20 AM Dovezi ( Demo - SS ) :https://www109.zippyshare.com/v/93g3VTLf/file.html
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